CJO is a Community

We are part of a vibrant and dynamic city that is constantly on the move. Jazz has a way of weaving its story through the city’s people––their personalities, homes, and neighborhoods.

Your Support Enables Our Mission

Did you know … new tax rules for 2020 make charitable giving easier?! Hit the red circle for more info:

The charitable contribution deduction is now available to all taxpayers for 2020. Previously, only people who itemized their deductions could claim charitable contributions. Under the new rules, you don’t need to itemize to deduct up to $300 in cash giving for the 2020 tax year.

If you do itemize deductions, the cap on annual giving deductions is now 100% of adjusted gross income (it was only 60% before).

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The Chicago Jazz Orchestra Association is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization and is classified as a 509(a)(2) public charity, qualified to receive tax deductible gifts and bequests. Your contributions are fully deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Our Mission

The Chicago Jazz Orchestra celebrates and perpetuates jazz orchestra music—an original American art form—for all audiences through unique performance, education, and collaboration.


The CJO produces performances that bring together today’s most accomplished jazz musicians performing big band jazz compositions written by the masters of the genre, as well as new compositions and interpretations of classic works. The only place you can hear some of this music is at a CJO performance.


Through educational outreach and residencies, the CJO promotes jazz from historical and performance-based approaches. In partnership with Chicago-area educational institutions, the CJO: presents master classes with world-renowned guest artists and CJO musicians; conducts “side-by-side” performance opportunities for aspiring musicians; holds open rehearsals at schools; and provides free and discounted concert tickets to music students and families.


The library from which the CJO draws most of its repertoire is one of the largest collections of accurate transcriptions and arrangements in the world. It spans the repertoire of almost every major classic big band in the history of the music. Included in the collection are rare transcriptions of legendary jazz recordings—in some cases the only known transcriptions of such works.


You can easily give a one time donation or a monthly donation. Give what you can, and know that we will use your contribution to fulfill our mission.

The Chicago Jazz Orchestra celebrates and perpetuates Jazz orchestra music—an original American art form—for all audiences through unique performance, education, and collaboration.

for In addition to cash gifts, please consider:

Memorial and tribute gifts

  • Planned giving arrangements
  • Special Endowment Gifts
  • Sponsorships (custom sponsorship opportunities are available)

Please contact the CJO  at CJOoffice@gmail.com for more information on these other ways to give.

Annual report available upon request.

Innovation and Tradition

Bold Spirit

As part of the CJO community, you will join a group of people who understand the need for, and positive influence of, music––especially jazz––as a way to both express oneself and communicate.


The CJO musicians with Jeff Lindberg can take a traditional piece of music and give it new life, sharing it with audiences and students alike. With so many world-class arrangers and composers associated with the CJO, the orchestra has given new life to classics––in some cases presenting live premieres of works that were previously only available on recordings––and debuted new compositions by such talents as Tom Garling and Charley Harrison.


Be a part of the music of life: join our community!

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