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 Lockdown Shuffle (Puttin the Band Back Together) & Hinda Hoffman cd Offer

Here are the 6 videos of Jeff Lindberg, “Putting the Band Back Together”.  Jeff recruits his sextet, and each musician has their own story . Somehow, it comes together like always. It is the CJO!

The CJO is ready to burst back onto the stage! See what the Chicago Tribune has to say about our tribute to the Blues Brothers (“Putting the band back together”), a program Jeff Lindberg created with saxophonist Blue Lou Marini, an original Blues Brothers Band member. Click here for the article. The CJO also has a new tune to show off:

Come back for more about the Blues Brothers Tribute and our “Lockdown Shuffle,” a new tune written by the CJO’s Tom Garling and performed by the CJO Sextet. Like us and follow us for more fun and music.


Hinda Hoffman, the sensational jazz vocalist, has been kind enough to donate her CDs to help the CJO raise funds.  “People”, is from a yet to be released album, arranged by Dennis Carroll. Here is a preview for CJO fans. 

Give a special person the gift of music, and receive a tax deduction from Uncle Sam and the undying affection of the world’s best jazz musicians. Hinda will sign and send you the CDs personally. She has been a supporter of the music community even though she is at risk.

Thanks Hinda! 


by Hinda Hoffman with the Soul Message Band and Greg Ward | No title as of yet

Peel Me A Grape

by Hinda Hoffman | Moon and Sand

Dennis Luxion: Piano
Ron Perrillo: Piano
Dennis Carroll: Bass
George Fludas: Drums

1. Wonder Why 2:47
2. Deep Purple 6:01
3. Whisper Not 4:03
4. The Lamp is Low 3.03
5. Flower Medley 7:04
6. Our Day Will Come 4:05
7. Day Dream 6:22
8. Comes Love 4:59
9. Dreamr 4:37
10. Day by Day 3:56
11. I Got It Bad 6:09
12. Peel Me a Grape 4:49
13. Moon and Sand 6:32
14. Gee Baby, Ain’t I Good To You 2:25

Hinda Hoffman is one of a kind in more than one way. Her vocal talent is amazing, and in the year of the pandemic she has sung and supported her friends and musicians by singing on front stairs, parks, beaches, and just about anywhere else. Listen to her and some of the CJO musicians here.

Hinda is now helping the CJO, offering her two CDs, AUTOGRAPHED, for a tax deductible donation of $25 for one, $50 for both.

Make a $25 donation to the CJO for each Hinda cd. Hinda will sign each one and send it to you at the address you supplied.

I Just Found Out About Love and I Like It

by Hinda Hoffman | You Are There

Dennis Luxion: Piano
Dan DeLorenzo: Bass
Jeff Hill: Bass
Ernie Denov: Guitar
Paul Vornhagen: Saxophones and Flute
Joe Grass: Drums

1. I Just Found Out About Love 3:12
2. Willow Weep For Me 4:38
3. ‘Round Midnight 4:21
4. I Ain’t Got Nothin’ But The Blues 
5. So Many Stars 5:00
6. I Could Write A Book 3:19
7. Give Me The Simple Life 3:49
8. Two For The Road 4:33
9. Waltz For Debby 3:15
10. May I Come In 6:08
11. No Moon At All 3:26
12. Inside A Silent Tear 3:57
13 You Are There 4:11