The CJO is Getting Back Together NOW.

The CJO has been in business for over 41 years! From the day they came to Chicago, they started to play great jazz and have not stopped yet. They have traveled the world, played at great halls, clubs and venues. They are musicians that are at the top of their game. And then live music stopped. It still is crippled and we need music as much as the musicians need to play.

Imagine not being able to perform or play for months.¬† Not only can you get rusty, you don’t get the feedback and feeling of playing with the best cats and the connection of getting an audience on their feet.

Now Jeff is going back to his roots, and putting the band back together one at a time. And he is wants a new tune to start with a small group and then go big band.

Watch Jeff reach out and build the band back one musician at a time. And there will be a big surprise at the end, or maybe the middle. Stay tuned.